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10 Absolutely Harmless Animals That People Are Afraid To Death

January 19, 2015, in Animals
People tend to fear what they do not know. We bring you the 10 totally harmless animals as people are afraid of.

Milk Snake

People often confuse milk snakes with their poisonous counterparts - coral snakes. In fact, milk snakes are not poisonous and is absolutely harmless to humans. Just remember, the black bars next to white - everything is in order, the black bars next to yellow - you have serious problems.

Naked mole rat

Naked mole rats are one of the most disgusting animals in the world. Fortunately, these bald freaks almost do not appear on the surface of the earth, but even if they do, they simply will not even see you, because they are blind, just like moles. Are you afraid of moles?


Tarantulas are the largest spiders in the world. But in fact, they do not care for the people. Unlike many other ultra-poisonous spiders, tarantula bite will be even less painful than usual wasp sting.


Known for their sharp teeth and that using them at night they drink the blood of their victims, these bloodsuckers prefer to drink the blood of goats and other animals than yours.


If you're not a corpse, then you have no reason to be afraid of these charming 'skinheads'.

Atlas beetle

Of course atlas beetle is one of the last of insects, with whom you want to meet, but you do not need to worry, as these big horns he uses to fight other beetles, not with people.

Giant African Millipede

Giant African Millipede is one of the largest millipedes in the world. And though you might have thought that they would not mind you climb somewhere and eat your entrails, in fact, they are very friendly and are very popular as pets.

Ghanaian gharial

They are very similar to crocodiles and alligators, but there the similarity ends. Their jaws are so small that even if they wanted to, they would not even be able to feast on human flesh. Their diet consists almost entirely of fish and frogs.


Mantes often confused with their cousins ​​slopes that are known to have extremely poisonous stings. Though their length in diameter can reach up to 7.5 meters, in fact they are just gentle giants, which should not be afraid.

Basking shark or a gigantic shark

Despite its name, and rather frightening appearance, basking sharks feed on plankton and have rather playful nature.
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