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10 Countries That Do Not Have The Army

October 20, 2014, in Interesting
In most countries there are numerous forces that are able to defend and attack at any given time (the biggest army at the moment belongs to China - about 1,600,000 soldiers), while in some countries there are no armed forces.

1. Marshall Islands

Since the founding of the islands only forces here is maritime police, which includes a few people and a small patrol boat. According to the treaty of free association dutie to protect the Marshall Islands are on the United States.

2. Samoa

Country in general has no armed forces, only a few staff and a policeman for homeland security, with only one patrol boat. In accordance with the agreement in 1962, New Zealand have responsibility for protection of Samoa.

3. Palau

Palau have only maritime police with 30 employees for internal security. Privacy of Palau also provided by the United States under the Treaty of Free Association

4. Tuvalu

Since the founding of Tuvalu here have only few police forces, as well as maritime patrol. This country has never had the need to use the services of the army.

5. The Vatican

Vatican have gendarme for internal security only. There is no agreement for protection from Italian republic, because it would violate the neutrality of the Vatican, but unofficially Italian armed forces defending the Vatican.

6. Nauru

Australia fully claimed responsibility for the protection of Nauru, having concluded a corresponding agreement. However, the country has a relatively large armed police, as well as internal security forces.

7. Solomon Islands

The country had its own armed forces up to the heavy ethnic conflict, which intervened in Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific countries, decided to restore law and order. Since then, the armed forces have been abolished, and kept only the police and the marine patrol for internal security.

8. Liechtenstein

Abolishing its army in 1868, because Lichtenstein found it too expensive. The armed forces are permitted in times of war, but this need has not yet arisen. However, the Principality of Liechtenstein has a number of special services and tactical teams, performing internal security duties.

9. Grenada

In Grenada there is no army since 1983 as a result of a partnership agreement with the Americans. The Royal Grenada Police supports all internal security functions.

10. Andorra

Andorra does not have a regular army, but has signed an agreement with France for protection.
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