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10 Of The Most Popular Nudist Beaches Around The World

October 14, 2014, in World and Nature
Today, all over Europe, and especially in the United States, nude beaches are illegal. But in recent years, legislation in Europe, North America, and various Caribbean islands softened with regard to topless beaches. Today we look at ten most exclusive topless beaches.

1. Beach Cornelius, Italy

Cornelius beach in Italy is only a few kilometers away from some of the most popular beaches in the country. However, to get to it you need to make a little trip to go through a few hills and go through the tunnel. And you will find yourself in one of the most popular nude beache in Italy. A unique feature of Corniglia is that there are very few visiting tourists. Most of the half-naked people on the beach are local Italians.

2. Bellevue Beach, Denmark

During the summer, the water temperature in the waters of Denmark is much lower than in Italy. Seven meters long beach Bellevue making it one of the most popular nude beaches in the country. There is also a lifeguards to ensure the safety of bathers on the beach.

3. Valalta beach, Croatia

Valalta beach in Croatia is considered one of the best nudist beaches in Europe. The beach stretches a length of almost 3 kilometers and consists of fine sand. If you really want to enjoy topless on the beach in Europe, it is necessary to go to the beach Valalta. It is also a good option for those looking for a romantic getaway with your spouse or partner.

4. Moorea Beach, Nevada

Moorea Beach feature is that this beach is not on the sea but in the pool belongs to the hotel. Unlike some wild nudist beaches, Moorea Beach in Las Vegas is not only the beach. In addition it's resort and casino (after all, it's Las Vegas). Log in here is allowed only for adults and allows it to be topless at the resort and in the pool.

5. Vale Beach, Nevada

Vale Beach is located on the shore of Lake Tahoe. The beach is very beautiful and has many small caves and beautiful oases in the sand. Part of the beach is reserved for completely naked people, while in other places it is possible to sunbathe topless only.

6. Beach Leucate, France

Beach Leucate in France has one of the best sand on the beaches of the country, as well as estimated by some as one of the best nudist beaches in the world. Is a beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

7. Beach Vrik Beach, British Columbia

Vrik Beach is the most popular beach in Canada. Vrik Beach is not accessible by car. You have to walk to get to the beach.

8. The beach of Cap d'Agde, France

Cap d'Agde Beach was formerly known as the capital of nudism. Partly because the whole city is full of nudists. Here you can see naked people in restaurants, cafes, shops. Cap d'Agde is just a five-hour drive from Paris. In general, the beach of Cap d'Agde is one of the most popular nudist destinations in the world, tens of thousands of nudists come here every year.

9. Beach Montalivet, France

Perhaps the most popular topless beaches in France today is the beach Montalivet. This beach is considered the birthplace of nude beaches, it opened in 1950, and is still very popular. The beach is divided into two sections: one for parents with children, another for adults only.

10. Haulover Beach, FL

Haulover Beach is simply the most popular nude beach in America, and one of the most popular in the world. Hundreds of thousands of nudists come here every year. Located in the northern part of Miami, beach features a very warm climate and temperature. With a length of more than eight hundred meters, there are all conditions for a perfect naked rest.
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