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10 Places In The World Where You Can Meet Amazing Animals

May 12, 2014, in World and Nature
In order to meet face to face with a giant whale shark, watch the flight of sea devil, witness the legendary deep nautilus , you must go on a diving safari - a trip on a yacht holding from 2 to 14 days. Usually ships are designed for 8-18 people, equipped with everything necessary for several dives a day (diving equipment, wetsuits, masks, fins) and is always accompanied by several dive instructors and local guides, whose services are included in the the tour price.

1. Whale shark

Place: South Ari Atoll (Maldives)
Seasonal : May-December
Price : €3100-3800 per person
Duration: 10 days

Maldives - it stretched south double chain of 1192 islands and 26 atolls. Each atoll surrounds a small lagoon, connected to the ocean by channels and straits with undercurrents. Maldives were formed by ancient volcanoes, who settled under water millions of years ago, so virtually all the dive sites of the Maldives have a characteristic shape in the form of wide volcanic crater filled with water. On the reefs of the Maldives is home to about 26 species of sharks, whale can be found here throughout the year, but the best season is the time from May to December .

Whale shark - the largest fish of the Earth (the average size of individuals - 12-14 meters, large reach 18-20 meters), but despite the huge, even frightening dimensions, the whale shark is not a predator - it feeds with plankton. Whale sharks migrate permanently after plankton and usually kept close to the surface and sometimes, in order to see them you need just a dive mask.

2. Hammerhead shark

Place: Cocos Island (Costa Rica)
Season: June to September
Price: $4495 per person
Duration: 10 days

Cocos Islands are located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, 550 km off the coast of Costa Rica. It is a national park, and its use is only available for safari ships that leave from the port of Puntarenas. Voyage takes about 36 hours.

The best places to meet with hammerhead shark are bay Bajo Alcone, Dirty Rock and Punta Maria. Hammerhead shark - a predator and not aggressive to humans in general safe, but when immersed in the habitat of large hammerhead sharks (size sometimes reaches 9 meters) should be cautious. Hammerhead shark uses fantastic shape of his head as a weapon to hunting: eyes on both sides of "the hammer", allow it to significantly increase visual overview. In addition, the entire length of her head are sensors, which can be determined using the location of the victim, even if she dug in the sand. Favorite food of this shark - rays.

3. Great White Shark

Place: Bay Gansbaai (South Africa)
Seasonal : May to August
Price: $3495 per person
Duration: 7 days

White shark - the largest of the existing underwater predators, its size can be up to 7 meters and weight is often greater than 3 tons. To date, the population of great white sharks is about 3500 individuals. The summer months are considered to be the best time to dive, because seals spend much time on the beach and sharks are hungry and will respond to the bait boats. Great white shark is one of the few species of sharks that a real danger to humans, so dive in a cage.

4. The marine iguana

Place: Fernandina Island (Galapagos)
Season: June to November
Price: $5995 per person
Duration: 7 days

Ecuador Galapagos archipelago - a group of 29 islands and 42 single rock in the Pacific Ocean, located 1100 kilometers west of the coast of Ecuador. All the islands of the Galapagos Archipelago are of volcanic origin, the length of the archipelago from the south to the north is about 300 km. In 1986 the Galapagos were declared as National Natural Park. Fernandina Island is the most westerly and relatively young in geological terms. Here is the largest colony of Galapagos marine iguanas, the world's largest aquatic lizards. The average weight of each is about 12 kg, length is about one and a half meters.

On the surface of marine iguanas are somewhat sluggish and under water become fast and graceful - they can dive to a depth of 5 meters and hold their breath for almost an hour because their bodies can regulate the flow of oxygen only for vital organs.

5. Octopus imitator

Place: Komodo Island (Indonesia)
Season: May to November
Price : €3100-5250 per person
Duration: 7-14 days

Indonesia - the largest archipelago in the world with a rich underwater world. In the late 90s near the coast of Sulawesi - one of the islands of Indonesia - was discovered and isolated in a separate view of the octopus - imitator, a small animal (30-50 cm) in size, who can adjust its shape, color and even movement of other underwater inhabitants. Deciding whom to pretend the next minute, octopus imitator accepts instantly, depending on the danger that may threaten him.

6. Gray whale

Place: Baja California (Mexico)
Season: January to March
Price: on request
Duration: 9 days

Gray whales - the most ancient kind of baleen whales, they feed on organisms in shallow water and feed only during the five warm months when the sea is ice-free and the rest of the year living off accumulated fat reserves. Twice a year they migrate from wintering and breeding in the northern seas to the feeding grounds and back.

7. Nautilus Palau

Place: Palau (Micronesia)
Season: whole year
Price : €2550-4500 per person per night
Duration: 6-10 days

Palau is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, located at 7 degrees north latitude and 800 km north east of the Philippines and Indonesia. One of the two inhabited islands of Palau - Koror, which has city with one street and population of 12 000 people. Uninhabited and devoid of the island's beaches attract divers from around the world for its scuba diversity. The uniqueness of this place and the abundance of large fish species due to the large number of strong currents surrounding the islands of the archipelago.

8. Bull shark

Place: Canal La Boca (Cuba)
Season: November to February
Price: $2500 per person
Duration: 11 days

Bullish or roundnose shark is the most dangerous to humans predator, which account for the largest number of victims. Despite the bloody reputation, off the coast of Cuba organized extreme dive with bull sharks in their natural environment. These adrenaline show last 45 minutes conducted in a large coral reef in the channel La Boca at the northeastern coast of Cuba. Divers will start with a special platform, one after another falling on a vertical wall to a depth of 25 meters to the wreck in the early twentieth Spanish ship. After each member of the dive will take its place at his sides , the instructor starts luring sharks , cutting with a captured fish. Sharks appear almost immediately after the blood is dissolved in water, and begin to describe circles around the instructor.

9. Giant sea devil (Manta)

Place: Hawaii, Big Island
Season: whole year
Price: $2835 per person
Duration: 7 days

Watching manta - miracle that impossible to believe right away, because these amazing animals do not swim, but float in the water, gently slowly flapping wings, which sometimes reaches the size of 7 meters.

10. Ocean sunfish

Place: Nusa Penida Island (Indonesia)
Season: August to October
Price: $515 per person
Duration: 4 days

Mola Mola also known as sunfish. This is the biggest bone fish - length between its fins is about 2.5 meters and the average weight about 1000 kg. Most of his life Mola Mola holds a depth of 200 meters and rises closer to the surface is extremely rare. One of the place where to meet with the Mola Mola is Crystal Bay bay near the island of Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is the largest of the three lying off the east coast of Bali island with virtually undeveloped infrastructure and tropical bird sanctuary.
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