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15 Incredible Scientific Breakthroughs

February 11, 2015, in Interesting
The line between science fiction and science leveled more and more every day. We offer you a review of recent scientific and medical advances that a few years ago seemed unreal.

1. 3D printers

Use it to create objects of a different nature, from chemical to rubber and metal. You can select the desired program, such as tailoring footwear, cars, weapons and prosthesis, and the printer will perform the task.

2. Dental patches from Japan

Dentist soon will not be needed, as Japanese scientists have developed patches of special strength, which is put on the teeth and protect against various types of damage, including tooth decay. They are made of the basic enamel and minerals and will be available on the market in a few years. They also have other properties: a cosmetic effect to achieve perfect white tooth.

3. Meat grown in the laboratory

It is grown invitro from only a few cells of the animal. For the first time this experiment was conducted by Dutch scientists in 2013. This technology can help people with muscle disease.

4. Robot on organic fuel

Robots of the near future, for example, EATR (Energy Independence tactical robot) will run on fuel of organic origin. The robot can feed themselves and have a long working time.

5. Mouse with human cells

Mankind has long been studying stem cells and are still struggling with the moral and ethical dilemma, because they receive them from embryos. Human stem cells can cure many diseases. Recently, they were implanted into the brains of mice. As a result, the animals developed additional functional units.

6. Miniature drones

While this sounds like science fiction, drones are now becoming the main participants of military operations. For smallest robot is considered 'Micro air vehicle'. This drone is only 15 cm long. Scientists promise that soon there will be drones the size of insects. In a near future wars will be fought on the computers, all written in the book of science fiction.

7. Cell spray

Scientists and plastic surgeons from Australia, Marie Stone and Fiona Vuud began developing technology to help the victims with burns. Spray applied on the affected area of ​​the skin, which in 75% of cases regenerates. The armed forces of the United States are already using this technology.

8. Silk from transgenic goats

Combining genes of spiders and goats sounds like a fantastic story, but it is closer to reality than you might think. Nexia Biotechnology Company has successfully created transgenic goats with spider genes, capable of weaving webs, ultra-thin material that is extracted from their milk. The resulting web is ten times stronger than steel, and can be used in prosthetics, and for the manufacture of body armor.

9. Camera in the pill

Many are familiar with such a horrible procedure as colonoscopy, but the new technology will make it absolutely simple - you just need to swallow a pill with a camera.

10. Cloning endangered species

Incredibly, scientists probably would not have seen the movie 'Jurassic Park'. Cloning is no surprise today. In Russia and South Korea, scientists have tried to clone mammoths. We hope that all the raptors will not come up.

11. Prosthesis controlled by thoughts

Inventor of scooter 'Segway', founded the company that has been developing prosthetic arm that can be controlled by thought - 'DEKA arm'. Electronic impulses through special sensors transmit a signal to the prosthesis, and it performs even complex tasks. The prosthesis is improving all the time and will soon be available to patients in need.

12. Robot anesthetist

During the operation, the role of the anesthesiologist is very important and difficult as it is to watch the patient every minute. These functions will be performed by robots.

13. Wheelchair controlled by thought

Manage prosthesis attached to the body - is one thing, but to manage the chair, which is able to move with power of thought, it's incredible to be true. But these chairs will soon be available. Scientists of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne developed and controlled by thought a computer chair that takes the simple commands, such as 'go forward' or 'turn left'.

14. Man with microchip

Implantation of the chip sounds like something terrible. Microchips are implanted for a long time to pets to know their locations, but the thought that we can do the same with people is scared. It will allow to obtain medical information, if the person is unconscious, but with the same success, someone will be able to manage people for their own purposes.

15. Bionic Eye

Scientists for decades working to develop bionic eyes. In Australia, come to grips with these expensive technologies. Until now they can not return 100% of sight to the blind people, but work continues.
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