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20 Objects From The Future Kitchen

February 16, 2015, in Tech
All sorts of gadgets and new devices are settle in our daily lives. Including the kitchen. Already, you can set the timer to your oven and she will cook dinner for you.

1. 'Spray' your coffee

As 'ink' you can use any spices and easily decorate a cake or cappuccino.

2. Device, that determines the freshness of food

If fresh chicken or meat makes you doubt this thing will help to confirm or dispel them.

3. Modern boiler


4. Toaster with glass sections

You can always get toast as soon as they become the perfect color for you.

5. 'Personal Bartender'

The device will prepare your favorite cocktail at the first request and in just five seconds!

6. Cups, reflecting pattern

Now pick up the cup

7. Stretching packaging for products

Safe and convenient replacement of plastic bags - stretching food film for packaging of any products.

8. Wireless cutting board

Unusual cutting board connected to the iPad, allows you to make accurate measurements: counting calories, shows the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients in foods and even helps to achieve this goal in the field of nutrition.

9. Machine that brews tea

Coffee machines are long ago no surprise, but what about tea? This machine evacuates air from the container with water and tea leaves, and pressure.

10. Smart pan

Pan always tell what should be the right temperature and the content can be mixed or turn to food to get the same delicious, like a professional chef (or your mother).

11. Pocket coffee

With this miniature coffee maker can make a hot cup of espresso, no matter where you are.

12. Knives, which need sharpening in 25 years

'Yes, yes, you should not forget to put a reminder on your phone.'

13. Hand Sterilizer

The principle of operation is the antibacterial action of the UV lamp.

14. Bins with sensor

It's simple: open when you hold a hand on top. Very convenient.

15. Start to cook dinner before you come out of the office

With the help of a special application and the device can start cooking at any time.

16. Flexible lunchbox

Retain any of your sandwiches in its original form.

17. Container for cooking

It looks very strange, but it will help keep the vegetables inside until you cook them or simmer for a couple.

18. Vertical cooking system

The easiest and fastest way to cook an omelet (or cinnamon rolls or pizza). Probably, it will look a little strange ... but very tasty.

19. The device, which will help keep food frozen

Now you can be assured that your ice cream will not melt, until you eat.

20. Cup with display

In the cup is mounted a special electronic ink display, which operates on the temperature of the liquid poured into the cup. Therefore, each time when you pour hot water into it, the display will appear one or another picture. You can even leave messages to family members!
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