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4 Dangerous Experiments With Microwave

March 12, 2014, in Tips and tricks
Warning: you could seriously hurt, and microwave is likely to be damaged. To reduce the risk, be sure to use gloves and keep the microwave on not more than 45 seconds.

1. Mutants attack

Submit gummie bears or some other animals on a paper napkin and shove into the bowels of the microwave. Turn on medium heat and watch for the miraculous transformation of innocent animals like messengers of the apocalypse.

2. Magic Lamp

Fill the cup halfway with water and put a light bulb on top so that the socket is in water. Turn on an oven at medium power, and do not be surprised when the bulb lights up. And despite the heat treatment, this bulb still not eatable :)

3. Flashes

This way you not only get rid of the data on the disk, but also can create a home lightning. Insert the CD into microwave with the shiny side up and turn on maximum power. You will see small flashes that destroy the disk.

4. Plasma

To create a home plasma generator, you will need seedless grapes, a glass and a knife. Remove the top of the fruit and split the rest into two halves so that are not completely separated, and are coupled with piece of the skin. Cover it with cup and turn on the microwave on high power.
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