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9 Absurd And The Most Common Myths About Sex

October 13, 2014, in Interesting
Sex, in the literal and figurative sense, a very intimate story and many hesitate to talk about it. With many sources of information, people even in adulthood may be ignorant about sex, which can lead not only to problems with intimacy, but even to the parting. Two British doctors undertook to dispel the most common myths and speculations concerning sex.

1. Married couples do not tend to engage in self-satisfaction

As paradoxical as it may sound, but the people who have a sexual partner, masturbate more often than singles. And this is not necessarily because of their sexual life was extinct. Expert Dana B. Myers argues that employed spouse may do so in order to relieve stress, get some energy discharge and to better understand the features of your body.

2. During intimacy can have a heart attack

We all happened to hear such stories about men who were not able to calculate their forces. However, the doctor Carroll and Freiman assure us that smoking or diabetic person has one chance in a million to make a heart attack while having sex. Conversely, the physical stresses to which the body is subjected during affinity are useful for the cardiovascular system. Also, studies show that men who have sex two or more times a week have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

3. During menstruation can not get pregnant

Become pregnant during menstruation is not only possible, but quite real. The female egg and the male sperm can live for several days in a supportive environment of the uterus.

4. The difference peaks of male and female sexual activity is 10 years

According to some reports, the level of male sexual activity is high in 19-20 years, and for women it peaks in middle age (28-30 years). But in fairness it should be noted that the increase and decrease of the peak of sexual activity in men and women occurs throughout life. Researchers claim that sexual desire fluctuates constantly, and it is connected not only with age, but also with a number of other factors.

5. Man will certainly cheat. It's only a matter of time

First of all, cheating is not something inevitable. Treason also depends on the age of the spouses. Men and women are the most likely to go wrong if they are unhappy in their relationships and/or sexually compatible.

6. Men who do housework, have more chances

One interesting study showed that the more 'work at home' (cooking, cleaning, laundry) by a man, the less he has sex.
On the other hand, the more he deals directly with 'male' duties (car repair, plumbing, mowing the lawn), the more often enter into intimacy.

7. Sex for women is cumbersome

We often hear the following: sexual desire of men more than women. However, most modern research proves that this statement is completely wrong. Just women often show their sexual desire in different ways. 'When it comes to biology - says Carroll - then, numerous studies have shown that women have a strong sexual attraction on a par with men'.

8. There is a correlation between the size of men's feet, hands and penis size

This is absolutely not true. There is no evidence that a man with a large shoe size is the owner of an impressive dignity.

9. Sex in socks is a fail adventure

It would seem that sex in socks should reduce the attraction or lead to complete disappointment. But couples who participated in the study, one bizarre sex in socks more likely to experience orgasm than those who have been without them. The main conclusion is that you feel comfortable and safe.
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