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Artificial Tropical Resort In Germany

July 10, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Handmade tropical resort 'Tropical Island' is probably one of the greatest human projects. This piece of tropical paradise is just 60 kilometers from Berlin. He posted the largest free-standing dome in the world, it has no analogues. Externally this building looks like a huge size hangar, an area of ​​about 360 meters long, 210 meters wide, and its height of 107 meters.
The structure itself is kept on a huge steel frame weighing approximately 14 000 tons. The total area of ​​the resort is that it is easy to be housed eight football fields. And inside the hangar without problems would become tall Statue of Liberty. A vertical can freely put the Eiffel Tower.
The main pride of this extraordinary resort is that in the midst of its dome is the world's largest artificially created tropical forest. Its flora average has more than 30 000 species of vegetation.
Huge artificial beach longer than 200 meters, always warm and clean artificial sea and stable temperature of twenty-six degrees Celsius all year round, making this resort a true piece of art.
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