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Belgian Fan Has Become World Famous And Got A Model Contract

July 28, 2014, in Girls
17 year old girl from Belgium named Axelle Despiegelaere during the championship hit the lens of photographer. Online photos noticed her 'beautiful football girls fans' and have been actively republish, expressing their love and affection. After Argentina beat Belgium in the quarter finals, Axelle returned home, where she learned about his popularity, and suddenly received a contract from the company L'Oreal.

Random photo could completely change your live


Obviously, the appearance and the passionate support of your favorite team attract the attention of the photographer


When she returned home to Belgium, she found that she had a fan page on Facebook with 23,000 subscribers!


Her photographs have appeared not only on the Internet, but also in magazines and newspapers!


It is a pity that the Belgium team are lost to Argentina in the quarter finals.


Company with a worldwide reputation decided to use the popularity of this girl


Axelle received a job offer! She shares the joy - signed a contract with L'Oreal

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