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Many Ways To The Creative Use Of Plastic Bottles

July 29, 2014, in Art / Creativity
If you know how to turn trash into something useful - it's a talent. First, you solve your problem, and secondly, protect the environment. Let's see some ideas ...

Amazing 3D-Sculpture Of Sugar

July 11, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Modern technology allows you to print on a 3D-printers incredible things, from the crow's feet, eagle's beak, human faces and skulls, solar panels and finishing ...

It Is Such A Pleasure To Eat Your Lunch On The Banks Of The Beautiful River

July 10, 2014, in Art / Creativity
American living in Washington talented artist Greg Klassen blurs the line between furniture and art. He created the tables where you can find lakes, rivers and ...

Venetian (Murano) Glass

July 7, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Venetian (Murano) glass has been known for hundreds of years, unique handmade products of Italian masters. Venetian Glass is produced on the island of Murano in ...

Unbelievable Pictures Made Of Colored Sand

June 27, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Andrew Clemens (1857-1894) - artist of Dubuque County, Iowa, spent most of his life near McGregor. At the age of five he got encephalitis, because of what was a ...

Banksy Works Represented By Blocks Of Lego

June 25, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Despite more than 70 years of history, the LEGO blocks are not outdated, but also blend in with the modern world with its various technological innovations. A g ...

Creative Works Made ​​of Domestic Objects

May 19, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Today we look playful creations, made of everyday objects and turned to creative works. ...

Ceramic Illusions Of Katharine Morling

May 9, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Katharine Morling is unusual sculpture can cause stupor, even those who consider themselves expert in contemporary art. At first glance, his sculptures may seem ...

Incredible Sculpture With Very Fine Details Created By Single Piece Of Wood

April 24, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Maybe someone does not believe it, but this incredible sculpture with lots of small details was carved from a single piece of wood. Its author is a famous sculp ...

Augmented Reality

March 15, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Such an unusual idea came to mind of 30 year old photographer Francois Dourlen, when he decided to see what would happen if visually replace the statue of Napol ...

Hand Art

March 14, 2014, in Art / Creativity
We are all familiar with body art, but personally I was not met art hand. I admit that is amazing. ...

Decorative Glass Butterfly

March 14, 2014, in Art / Creativity
Handmade glass fine decorative butterflies. ...
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