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Carpool Deville - The World's Fastest Jacuzzi On Wheels

July 21, 2014, in Cars
These guys have hands. Took an old classic Cadillac DeVille 1969 and turned it into a large hot tub with a motor. Sitting in the water, car can be controlled an ...

Made In Germany - Electric Cars

June 30, 2014, in Cars
According to analysts Frost & Sullivan, the number of electric cars sold in the world in four years will grow 15 times from the current 180 000 to 2.7 million c ...

Company Harley-Davidson Has Announced The Release Of A Motorcycle With An Electric Engine

June 23, 2014, in Cars
Just yesterday it seemed that the sky will fall when the legend of America Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine lose V-Twin, which with the 20-ies of the last cent ...

Five Tons Monster Motorcycle

June 17, 2014, in Cars
Motorcycle weighing up to 5 tons, created by Italian designer Fabio Reggiani, 6 times more than a conventional motorcycle, and his height is 5,10 meters from th ...

The Fastest Production Car In The World

June 16, 2014, in Cars
American test pilot Brian Smith set a new speed record on standard production car: Hennessey Venom GT, 435.3 km/h (270.49 miles/h). ...

Retired From Bosnia Has Made An Exact Copy Of The Volkswagen 'Beetle' From 50 000 Pieces Of Wood

May 23, 2014, in Cars
Practically every boy from childhood dreams of your own car. His dream of a unique car was able to bring to life 71-year-old retiree from Bosnia named Momir Boy ...

Ten Electric Luxury Cars Issued This Year

May 20, 2014, in Cars
Many major car manufacturers turned to the production of so-called 'green' cars. We offer you to see and what to expect from car market this year. ...

Result Of Cooperation Mercedes-Benz And Tesla Motors

May 16, 2014, in Cars
Given current trends, after twenty years, electric vehicles on the market will not be less than cars with conventional engines. Therefore it is not surprising t ...

2014 Beijing Auto Show

April 28, 2014, in Cars
In the Chinese capital began auto show, which can now be considered to be quite big show in Asia. And very soon at Motor Show in Beijing, many major manufacture ...

Spectacular Photos Of Small Machines

April 28, 2014, in Cars
First look at the pictures makes one believe in what they depict real cars in a real situation, but in fact, each of these machines is only a toy. Create such a ...

Own Batmobile For One Million Dollars

March 19, 2014, in Cars
Even inside the adult lives a dreamer. Well, which kid did not want to be Batman? ...

Geneva Motor Show 2014, Part 2

March 13, 2014, in Cars
Second part photos from Geneva Motor Show 2014. Exhibition space in Geneva presented about 900 cars from 150 countries worldwide. Geneva Motor Show is considere ...
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