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Ten Foods For Healthy Teeth

May 19, 2014, in Food
Toothbrush, floss and mouthwash , of course, very important to have healthy white teeth without caries. But eating the right foods can also prevent many disease ...

Products That Have Been Invented Because Of The War

May 16, 2014, in Food
It is surprising, but all the products referred to in this article were born as a result of military operations. ...

Did You Know How Look Like 200 Calories ?

May 7, 2014, in Food
Each of this products containing exactly 200 calories. ...

Amazing Facts That You (Or At Least Me) Did Not Know About Fruit

April 28, 2014, in Food
Fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet. However, we often do not even think about what we eat. We know that oranges are orange, but we do not suspect wh ...

10 Products, Which Must Always Be In The Kitchen

March 19, 2014, in Food
Want to be slim and healthy? Then take a look of top ten foods that should always be in your refrigerator. ...

Edible Products Prohibited By Law In The Usa

March 16, 2014, in Food
We offer a small list of exotic and not-so foods, that have been banned in the United States for various reasons. ...

Vegetables Of Unusual Shape

March 11, 2014, in Food
Since childhood, parents advise their children to eat more vegetables to grow healthy and strong. Most likely if all the vegetables looked like those, it would ...

Million Worth Cakes

March 11, 2014, in Food
All these masterpieces were made by a chef named Omar Addihaoui. ...

The Most Beautiful And Intricate Cupcakes

March 11, 2014, in Food
Mmm ... cupcakes - delicious! Well, who does not love cupcakes and cupcakes? And since so many people want to eat them, these sweets have to masquerade as anyth ...

Fancy Cakes By Former Nasa Engineer

March 11, 2014, in Food
BethAnn Goldberg is owner of a bakery in Menlo Park, California and two time gold medals winner from show 'Challenge'. Former NASA engineer, it creates cakes th ...

Appetite Comes With Eating (30 pics)

February 28, 2014, in Food
At the sight of such a taste presentation, the only thing I think is to see what is there to eat in the fridge :) ...

Molecular Gastronomy (7 pics)

February 25, 2014, in Food
A little more than ten years, the French scientist Herve Tees invented molecular food - product, created at the intersection of cooking and chemistry. ...
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