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cabeac/cabeaccgbgcdfc-no-pants-day-in-colombia-466.jpg No Pants Day In Colombia (8 pics)
cabeac/cabeaccgaieabe-someone-overdid-it-with-photoshop-121.jpg Someone Overdid It With Photoshop (37 pics)
cabeac/cabeaccfbeffdh-life-dangerous-pleasure-667.jpg Life - Dangerous Pleasure (27 pics)

Pic Dump - Wind, The Best Friend Of Mens (25 pics)

February 25, 2014, in Funny
We all know that the word 'wind' is masculine :) ...

Photos That Every Tourist Striving To Make (15 pics)

February 24, 2014, in Funny
No matter how silly or inappropriate they look, every tourist wants to shoot one of them. ...

What Can You Buy For A Dollar

February 24, 2014, in Funny
Have you ever wondered what you can buy for a dollar? It turns out that you can buy a lot of different things in the world. Here's what you can buy for one doll ...

18 Gifts For Lovers (18 pics)

February 17, 2014, in Funny
Everyone is required to have at least one of those things :) ...

Creative, Unusual, Useless But ... Cool Things (81 pics)

February 6, 2014, in Funny
Interesting gadgets, unusual design, attractive functionality, completely useless ... but my internal voice whispers me "Buy it!" :) ...

Watering The Garden At Winter (3 pics)

February 4, 2014, in Funny
Just wondering why will need such a thing, but the end result is awesome - you got frozen house :) ...

Pic Dump - Bad Things Happens (12 pics)

February 3, 2014, in Funny
Pretty sure everyone has come across at least once of the following situations :) ...

Pictures Taken At The Right Moment (57 pics)

February 3, 2014, in Funny
Experienced photographers make hundreds of photographs to capture the right moment and angle. These are photos taken at the right time at an appropriate angle. ...

Pic Dump - Do You Need a Repairman?

February 1, 2014, in Funny
You need a highly skilled repairman? Choose wisely! ...

Shopping With Your Wife (20 pics)

January 30, 2014, in Funny
All the men are in the situation where the wife/daughter/girlfriend decides that you must make a tour with her to all possible shops. The only thing left for us ...

Probably You Will Need More Time To Understand It (17 pics)

January 29, 2014, in Funny
Sometimes perspective is everything. ...

Cats Imitating Women (15 pics)

December 10, 2013, in Funny
The idea is pretty simple: first, there is a picture of a charming girl pin up, and then pick up line of countless images of cats. Touching and funny. ...
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