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How Much Is The Olympic Medal?

February 20, 2014, in Interesting
Information about the medals awarded at the Olympic Games in Sochi. ...

Chocolate Train (7 pics)

February 10, 2014, in Interesting
This fantastic chocolate train was created during the "Week of chocolate" in Brussels. ...

Dangerous Rope Bridges (35 pics)

February 5, 2014, in Interesting
Under what circumstances would you went through such a bridge? ...

Collection Zippo Lighters Since The Vietnam War (16 pics)

February 5, 2014, in Interesting
During the war in Vietnam almost every soldier was smoking and logically he needed a lighter. Zippo was one of the most popular lighter brands, thanks to its re ...

One Million Dollars Swimsuit (6 pics)

February 4, 2014, in Interesting
One million dollars - that's the price of swimsuits adorned with rubies, emeralds and diamonds (200 carats). Of course, this is handmade and will not be mass pr ...

Miracles Of Hollywood Makeup (25 pics)

February 4, 2014, in Interesting
We've all seen the movies not so pleasant characters, zombies and aliens. Here you can see how beautiful women embody in similar roles. ...

"Cardiff Skates" Improved Skates (3 pics + video)

February 3, 2014, in Interesting
New modern design skates with fastening for shoes has developed and patented the company "Cardiff Skates". Thanks to the convenient mounting mechanism, the skat ...

Fitness Is Your Friend Ladies (28 pics)

February 2, 2014, in Interesting
All those ladies in this selection have had problems with being overweight, but they were able to make great efforts to become beauties. See how they change thr ...

Book From The 16th Century That You Can Read It Six Ways (3pics + gif)

January 31, 2014, in Interesting
Probably not every day you can see a book which you can read in six different ways and that's why this book, which is kept in the National Library of Sweden, is ...

"Tough Guy" Competition 2014 (12 pics)

January 31, 2014, in Interesting
Each year in the British town of Perton held a chellenge called "Tough Guy". The route of the race is very hard and focused on endurance and physical training o ...

Hobby Of a Retired Sailor (8 pics)

January 30, 2014, in Interesting
Retired sailor spent more than 25 years and thousands of hours of work on his hobby, to build your own fleet. For each ship, the man has invested about 250 mill ...

The Mystery of The Sunken "Thistlegorm"

January 28, 2014, in Interesting
Thistlegorm was transport merchant ship, which during the war was carrying loads of naval forces of Great Britain. In 1941, German bombers sank him at Suez Cana ...
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