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cabeaj/cabeajcdbbfdai-multilayer-skyscraper-proposes-to-build-our-cities-up-to-skies-71532.jpg Multi-Layer Skyscraper Proposes To Build Our Cities Up To Skies
cabeah/cabeahbabgadbd-in-slovakia-the-billboards-are-transformed-into-cozy-shelters-for-homeless-78019.jpg In Slovakia, The Billboards Are Transformed Into Cozy Shelters For Homeless
cabeah/cabeahbabadcfj-artificial-tropical-resort-in-germany-55404.jpg Artificial Tropical Resort In Germany

Fantastic Pools, Which Is Worth A Swim At Least Once In Your Life

July 9, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
We propose you a photo tour around the picturesque pools planet, where to go, stay and swim at least once :) ...

Blueport Altea Villa On The Mediterranean For €5 800 000

July 3, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Altea Hills Estate Company in conjunction with architectural offices Carlos Gilardi, Pepe Cabrera and design studio Erik Kuster presented Blueport Altea luxury ...

Luxury Underground House

June 24, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
This underground house is located on the Cyclades islands in Greece. Unearthly beauty of course and all the latest technology. ...

The Famous Street Steiner In San Francisco

June 24, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Steiner Street, one of the most famous in San Francisco. Here are located the old houses, survivors of the earthquake in 1906. Here almost have constantly worki ...

Dozen Of The Best Hotels In The World

June 23, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Elite Traveler Magazine has ranked the top hotel rooms, which overlook the most spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The list includes hotels, loca ...

10 Most Amazing Fountains Of The World

May 21, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
We present you ten fountains worldwide. ...

The Deepest Pool In The World

May 16, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts, apparently suffered from the fact that nowhere in Brussels can snorkeling. He drafted a basin, found investors, and in ea ...

Renovated Office Of Google In Amsterdam

April 1, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Google is well known not only with its search engine and many other projects, but also with their attitude to working conditions of its employees worldwide. ...

Water Architecture

March 21, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Water relaxes and fills with force. Maybe that's why people aspires to be around her. ...

Mirror Fence, Changing Its Appearance Depending On The Season

March 19, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Bright idea how to transform boring fence at your home. ...

Barbie House At Germany

March 13, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Project 'Barbie Dreamhouse Experience', located at German capital, offers to visitors to visit famous doll house. ...

Unusual Villa Built In The Desert

March 12, 2014, in Interior and Architecture
Would you like to live in the heart of the desert? I think the answer is no. But architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg decided that in such a place would be excellen ...
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