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Hand Signals In Volleyball

March 12, 2014, in Sport
Signals are behind the player who is closest to the grid at the time of or immediately before serving. Hand sides correspond to the attack - left hand for left ...

The World's First Knitted Shoes From Adidas

March 11, 2014, in Sport
Adidas company announced the world's first series of knitted shoes, called Samba Primeknit. Unique shoes designed for football players.Each thread has a special ...

48 Different Pushup Variations (video)

March 5, 2014, in Sport
As you can see, even a simple exercise like pushups can be very varied and interesting. ...

Evolution Of The Design Of The Olympic Medals (49 pics)

February 27, 2014, in Sport
Find out how the medals awarded at the Olympics in the last 118 years looked like. ...

Top 10 Breathtaking Passing Shots - Roger Federer

December 10, 2013, in Sport
Not by chance is considered one of the greatest tennis players. It takes a large amount of skill to play like that. ...
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