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cabeai/cabeaiabbacddc-apple-new-iphone-6-will-be-with-sapphire-glass-42675.png Apple New Iphone 6 Will Be With Sapphire Glass
cabeah/cabeahbbbbfgdd-in-dusseldorf-airport-robot-will-park-your-car-33024.jpg In Dusseldorf Airport Robot Will Park Your Car
cabeag/cabeagbiajfdfh-google-inc-is-getting-closer-to-the-beginning-of-mass-production-of-autonomous-vehicles-75491.jpg Google Inc. Is Getting Closer To The Beginning Of Mass Production Of Autonomous Vehicles

Color Picker Pen That Reproduces Any Color

June 17, 2014, in Tech
Anyone who has ever worked with graphics editors used the tool 'color picker'. Soon such a tool will be available in the real world. Pen named Scribble, which o ...

The Aircraft Will Be Operated By Thought

June 4, 2014, in Tech
Staff at the Technical University of Munich reported that they have developed a system that allows to control aircraft with power of thought. And soon it will b ...

Amazing Bike, Folding To The Size Of The Umbrella

May 14, 2014, in Tech
Bicycle is excellent transportation that will accelerate your movement, save your money and add health, but there is a problem, carry it with you and keep not v ...

Robot Break Rubik's Cube Record With 3.253 Seconds

March 26, 2014, in Tech
Two British engineers Mike Dobson and David Gilday created a robot CubeStormer 3, who set new Rubik's Cube world record into Guinness Book of Records. ...

9 Interesting Facts About The Android Os

March 26, 2014, in Tech
Each day in the world added 1.5 million phones that use the operating system Android. To date, Android is the most popular operating system, the number of users ...

Cardboard Bike By Izhar Gafni

March 16, 2014, in Tech
Inventor Izhar Gafni of Israel has created a bicycle made ​​of cardboard. The idea of ​​creating cardboard bicycle came to him after he learned of another inven ...

Future Has Come

March 10, 2014, in Tech
Do you remember the flying board of 'Back to the Future'? The future is becoming a reality for those who believe it. ...

Multipurpose Stand For Your iPad (2 pics + video)

February 3, 2014, in Tech
The concept of this invention (iTrans4mer) is quite innovative and it can turn your iPad into whatever you want, from laptop to the audio system. As the creator ...

The World's First 3D Printer Designed To Print Composite Materials (video)

January 30, 2014, in Tech
Carbon fiber is one of the most expensive building materials, however, this did not prevent the company "MarkForged" to develop 3D printer that uses this materi ...

Amazing Wristwatch (8 pics)

January 29, 2014, in Tech
This clock shows not only the time, but also movement and positions of the planets. Beautiful and creative! ...

The Robot R2D2 From Star Wars Made ​​Of LEGO (3 pics + video)

January 29, 2014, in Tech
Inspired by the famous robot R2D2, Vimal Patel recreated R2D2 entirely from Lego and made several "improvements". Creation has additional "leg" for stability, c ...

Еlectric Skateboard With One Wheel (6 pics)

January 13, 2014, in Tech
If you believe the movie "Back to the Future", the flying board should appear next year. Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen, so tech-savvy geeks trying ...
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