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Company Royal Caribbean Move Sea Travel Vacations To The Next Level

July 11, 2014, in Interesting
US-Norwegian maritime company Royal Caribbean International is preparing to raise the idea of ​​cruising to a new level. This year will be lowered two futuristic and most advanced ships - 'Quantum of the Seas' and 'Anthem of the Seas'.
One feature of the new ships will be the so-called 'North Star' - glass cockpit, lifting passengers 100 meters above the rail. This moving observation deck will function regardless of whether the ship at sea or in port costs.
Another attraction - a room called 'Two70°', which marks the visitors an overview of 270 degrees.
On giant screens in this room can be projected image - sometimes real, sometimes modeled, allowing a virtual journey (in the depths of the sea, for example).
On board will also contain a wind tunnel, in which anyone can experience the feeling of 'free flight'.
In addition, on the board you can enjoy the leisure center - roller skating, ride in an electric car, play basketball and so on.
Each ship have 18 decks and 2,090 cabins. Each cabin (even if it is under water) is provided with a virtual little balcony overlooking the ocean, which will be 'translated' in real time.
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