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Decorate Your Home - Ideas For Lazy People (7 pics)

February 25, 2014, in Tips and tricks
Friendly and nice atmosphere of your home is not an exact science, but you can easily achieve stunning success with a few simple tricks. Get a vase, some flowers, available materials and see what you can do.

Candles and pebbles

Needed: pebbles of various shapes and colors, tall and wide vases and candles. Put pebbles in the bottom of the vase and place a candle on top.

Composition with two flowers

Need: gel beads, flower with long flexible stalk and large round flower.

Multicolored sand

Need: sand in different colors, high elegant vase. Use a spoon to achieve desired effect.

Preserved flowers

Need: flowers such as jasmine or lily of the valley, tall glass vase, water, white pebbles, floating candles. Place the pebbles on the bottom, fill with water, few sprigs of flowers and put a candle on top.

Floating flowers

Need: large flowers with cut stems, wide glass vase and water. Pour a little water and place the flower.

Lemons and Tulips

Need: a glass vase, lemons, water, tulips. Drain the water in the vase, add the lemon slices and put tulips.

Decoration vase with jelly

Need: jelly, glass vase, flowers. The jelly must be the same color as the flowers. Use your imagination :)
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