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Edible Products Prohibited By Law In The Usa

March 16, 2014, in Food
We offer a small list of exotic and not-so foods, that have been banned in the United States for various reasons.

Fugu fish

Cook and sell Fugu fish without a license in the U.S. is illegally, and fish trade in the European Union is strictly prohibited. All this is because the scales and innards contain poison causing suffocation. In Japan, dishes from these fish are considered a delicacy and are sold in local restaurants.


Because of this toxicity pear fruit called ackee growing and import are prohibited into the United States. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and contains gipoglitsin poison that can cause poisoning, coma and even death.


Absinthe was banned in the U.S. in the early 20th century, and in 1997, the drink was allowed to import under the strict supervision of the Office of sanitary supervision over the quality of food products. Reason for that is herb wormwood which contains a substance thujone, which is considered a strong hallucinogen and addictive.

Unpasteurized milk

More than 20 states have banned the sale of raw milk. In some states allowed sale of raw milk delivered to private farms in small quantities.

Pig blood cake

This is Taiwanese delicacy made of rice and pig's blood, on a stick. And though hardly an American hot dog is more nutritious food than this dish, yet of pig blood cake banned in the U.S. since considered unhygienic.

Foie gras

Delicacy made ​​from duck or goose liver, was banned in Chicago from 2006 to 2008, as members of the City Council considered the procedure of force-feeding animals inhumane. 8 days before slaughter goose injected a huge amount of corn mash, causing liver increased 10 times. In 2012, the prohibition of forced feeding of animals was introduced in California.


Haggis was banned in America due to the fact that one of its ingredients are sheep lungs. Heart, liver, stomach and mutton are also included in the course, the U.S. government considered suitable for food.

Ortolan Bunting

In Europe and in the U.S., this bird is protected by law. Long time ago, people appreciated the wonderful taste of this bird, but when the number of Buntings dropped sharply, killing her was considered illegal.


Sale perch for profit is prohibited in all U.S. states, except Mississippi. U.S. Department of Commerce imposed a ban on the fishing of perch in 1986 to increase its population, which has declined sharply due to the craze of the fish dishes.

Shark fins

Fishing for shark fins is prohibited in the United States since mutilated animal is thrown back into the ocean, can not effectively move and hunt, so suddenly dies.

Horse meat

At most states, it is theoretically possible to try horse meat, but to kill horses for the purpose of food is prohibited. At the same time, some slaughterhouses in America export horse meat to other countries. In June 2010, the U.S. Congress voted to extend the law on the protection of wild horses and donkeys wandering, which prohibits the slaughter of these animals.
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