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Eight Little-Known Facts About The Shaolin

February 4, 2015, in Interesting
'Shaolin' is known, even for those who have little interest in martial arts. However, we are aware of this legendary monastery quite a bit.

1. In 495, the Shaolin Monastery founded by not Chinese man

Its founder was an itinerant Buddhist monk from India named Bhadra. He appeared in China in the year 464, and preached there for several decades before the emperor Xiao Wen ordered to build for him a monastery on Mount Songshan Shaolin.

2. At Shaolin lived for some time the legendary Bodhidharma.

Tradition says that around 475 AD, Buddhist monk Bodhidharma arrived by sea to China, where he began to preach his doctrine. Then he settled in the Shaolin temple, shortly before he based on Mount Songshan, where he founded the first school of Zen Buddhism.

3. In the begining there was no martial arts

In 620, the 13 Shaolin monks have helped Li Shimin (599-649) to stay on the throne and then monks has received royal permission to practice martial arts.

4. Shaolin is not only Chinese martial arts monastery

Contrary to popular belief, Shaolin is not only Chinese monastery, where monks are trained in martial arts. Other monks began to study hard martial arts and fighting with sticks earlier. Entries Chunqiu that have been made about 800-500 years BC, refer to the 'hard' and 'soft' techniques of unarmed combat - these two techniques formed the basis of modern kung fu. During the reign of the dynasty Moon (1368-1644 years BC) when the Shaolin only became associated with the perfect martial arts, kung fu was already known throughout China.

5. In 1928, warlord Shi Yusan set on fire Shaolin Monastery

Were destroyed unique written sources: for example, a treatise Sanfena Zhang, who was considered a source of Taijiquan. Ruins of the monastery lay half a century. At that time there lived only seven monks, of which only three were familiar with kung fu.

6. There was two temples

According to the legends, except the Northern Shaolin Temple, there was a certain Southern Shaolin Temple, which was located in Fujian Province. There are no reliable sources of its existence has been found.

7. The interest in Chinese martial arts around the world began after the release of the movie 'Shaolin Temple' (1982).

Filming took place in Hunan province, as the scenery to use a real Buddhist temple. Later came 'Kids From Shaolin' (1983) and 'Martial Arts of Shaolin' (1986).

8. According to George Lucas, the prototype of the Jedi in the 'Star Wars' became the Shaolin monks.

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