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Exotic Birds And Their Unprecedented Beauty

October 13, 2014, in Animals
They are truly great, without exception! When you see such a miracle of nature, inevitably come to mind thoughts about the helplessness of this beauty.

1. Euplectes progne

Worldwide this South African bird called 'widow' for her unusually long black mourning tail. In males (ie widowers) he reaches forty centimeters, which is twice the length of their body.

2. Malurus cyaneus

Males acquire luxury solid blue color only during the breeding season, other times they are almost impossible to distinguish from females. They are pale brown at the top and bottom white though fins and maintain the blue color on the wings and tail.

3. Onychorhynchus

There are four species of crowned or royal flycatcher, they are all characterized by 'crown', which can be usually seen in males only during the courtship ritual or competition with other males. In normal times, the comb is not visible, feathers pressed to the head, but if necessary there is such a 'stylish hairstyle.'

4. Pteridophora alberti

'Painted' ornamental plumes on the head in males seem so improbable that when the first of these birds were brought to Europe, people did not believe that it is their natural decoration.

5. Pharomachrus mocinno

Many people consider this is the most beautiful bird in the world. Quetzal - the national symbol of Guatemala, in her honor even called the local currency.

6. Coracias caudatus

This bird (as well as other representatives of this type), are known with extraordinarily impressive ritual of courtship, is also famous for its rapid peak circular ups and downs, accompanied by a shrill sound.

7. Pteroglossus beauharnaesii

This bird belongs to the family of toucan, got its name from the unusual feathers on his head and curls.

8. Tangara cyanocephala

There are three subspecies of this bird, which differ mainly in the size of the spots on the throat and head coloration. They live in the lowland tropical forests of eastern South America.

9. Cicinnurus respublica

This is another incredible bird of paradise, which is easily identified by curly tail feathers and unique coloration. Turquoise 'crown' on the head of the male - it's actually not feathers, but bare skin.

10. Rupicola rupicola

Their scallops, almost perfect semicircular shape, formed by two rows of feathers, converging at the ends of each other. Unlike other birds, this decoration is constantly.

11. Tauraco livingstonii


12. Anthracoceros coronatus

These birds are easily recognizable by the huge 'helmet', growing on top of the beak. Tribes of central India believed that wearing a skull on his neck is a way to wealth.
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