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Few Facts About Coffee

May 22, 2014, in Food
'Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love'
Fact number 1. Coffee grows on trees, which can grow up to 9 meters in height and bear fruit for 70 years.

Fact number 2. 70% of coffee drinkers loves Arabica, the remaining 30% - Robusta.

Fact number 3. Vietnam is the largest supplier of Robusta.

Fact number 4. In the first place in the world for coffee consumption is Finland. Per person, per day, there has to 5 cups of coffee.

Fact number 5. Coffee is the second in the global rankings of best-selling products after oil.

Fact number 6. Coffee grinder was invented in England in 1665.

Fact number 7. Tea was invented in France in 1827.

Fact number 8. Instant coffee invented by a Belgian in 1906 and his name was George Washington.

Fact number 9. In Espresso caffeine less than in coffee made by 'drip' method.

Fact number 10. Cup of black coffee with no sugar contains no calories.

Fact number 11. Excess fat burns to 20% faster when drinking 6 cups of coffee a day, combining it with exercise and a low calorie diet.

Fact number 12. Consuming coffee in the body increases production of the neurotransmitter 'dopamine' stimulating brain area responsible for pleasure.

Fact number 13. One cup of coffee contains over 300 antioxidants which remain in the body for a month.

Fact number 14. Cooked coffee during cooling allocates more than 700 chemicals that make up its flavor.

Fact number 15. Chemical elements contained in the coffee is not allowed to settle on the bacteria to tooth enamel.

Fact number 16. Lovers of alcoholic beverages regularly drink coffee are less at risk to get cirrhosis of the liver.

Fact number 17. Beethoven always made ​​himself a cup of coffee.

Fact number 18. Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day.

Fact number 19. The lethal dose of caffeine equivalent of about 100 cups of coffee drunk during the 4 hours.

Fact number 20. First chess competitions were held in coffee shops.
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