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Five Largest Dollar Bills

June 18, 2014, in Interesting
You think $100 is the largest bill at the United States? There are much, much larger and they are real. In the gallery below we show you the 5 largest dollar bills that are no longer printed. Couple of them are still in circulation.

$500. This bill shows 25th US President William McKinley

The money was in circulation from 1934 to 45. They still can be accepted for exchange, like the rest of the money in circulation. Most of them are, of course, at collectors hands.

$1 000. This bill shows Stephen Grover Cleveland

The money began to retire in 1969.

$5 000 with a portrait of James Madison 4th U.S. President

Today, these bills can be put in the bank for deposit. In practice, this, of course, no one does, because bills are much higher than the nominal value and are collector's interest.

$10 000 with a portrait of Salmon Portland Chase


$100 000

These bills have never been in public circulation, they were used in transactions between Federal Reserve banks. After the advent of electronic money systems, large cash transactions in cash became unnecessary.
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