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Five Rules Of Good Nutrition In The Heat

June 16, 2014, in Food
What to eat in summer, without burdening the body? What foods, drinks and meals can help easily transfer heat? Here are five simple rules.

1. Reducing caloric intake

As scientists have calculated energy demand in hot weather reduced by about 5%, and therefore our bodies need fewer calories summer food. Forget about fatty meats, cakes, pancakes, lean on vegetables, fruits and dairy products. However, this does not mean you have to completely give up fat.

Nutritionists prescribe the following daily ration in the heat:
28% fat (of which 2/3 falls on vegetable oils);
55% protein (animal and vegetable protein in a ratio of 50 x 50);
17% carbohydrates.

2. Drink more fluids

In the heat of our body loses more fluids. Therefore, you need time to replenish its reserves. Best thirst quencher is plain water or unsweetened green tea - in the intense heat is recommended to drink 100-200ml (18-20° C) every 40-50 minutes. By the way, nutritionists insist that on our table in the heat must have much liquid dishes.

3. Shifted meal hours

To help the body to function normally in conditions of extreme heat, nutritionists recommend meals to be transferred to the cooler hours. Breakfast as early as possible - at 6-7 in the morning. Lunch - before the midday heat in 11-11:30. Dinner - 18:00. For those who can not sleep on an empty stomach, there is provided a small snack in 20-21:00.

At the same calorie daily diet should be distributed as follows:
Breakfast - 35%;
Lunch - 25%;
dinner - 25%;
Late snack - 15%.

4. Eat breakfast yourself ... and dinner too

Vegetable and fruit salads, buckwheat and rice, potatoes, and meatless soups - these dishes can be eaten in the middle of the day without fear of weight in the stomach. These carbohydrates are easily digestible form a minimal amount of oxidation products (as compared with fats and proteins), and therefore does not require costly liquid (especially valuable in the heat) for their removal from the body. Meat and fish dishes recommended to move for dinner and / or breakfast.

5. More vitamins

Our body loses precious vitamins and minerals (especially water-soluble vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and PP). As a result, we are experiencing lethargy, weakened immune system may develop vitamin deficiencies. To avoid this, eat in unlimited quantities fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries, drink fresh juices, unsweetened fruit drinks, soft drinks and fruit drinks, herbal teas and brew homemade smoothie mix.

By the way: in the heat more than usual, we are exposed to various intestinal infections, so you should carefully wash fruits, vegetables and herbs.
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