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Large Projects, Which Began In A Small Garage

July 15, 2014, in Interesting
Each of us dream to do something extraordinary in their lives. Write a book, set sport record, making a scientific discovery or build a great company. We are full with ideas, but always on the road suddenly faces insurmountable obstacles: lack of money, lack of space, lack of time and dozens of other reasons in different combinations.


Apple is currently one of the most powerful technology companies in the world, and it began in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents. In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (21 and 26 years, respectively) have settled in this garage and manually collected 50 computers within 30 days for a local retailer, selling them for $500 apiece. Since then, their life began to turn.

The Beatles

Before the formation of The Beatles, John Lennon was a member of a group called The Quarrymen, along with several friends at school. When the parents of one member of the group could not longer endure their noise, future superstar were forced to postpone rehearsals in an old bomb shelter in the backyard.


In 1994, when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as an online bookstore, it is fully settled in his garage. In July 1995, the company sold its first book, which was packed in the same garage.

Harley Davidson

In 1901, William S. Harley plans to install the engine on his bike. Within a few years Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson created a new engine and built their first motorcycle in a small wooden shed. Thus began the legendary Harley-Davidson.

Yankee Candle

Today it is one of the most famous Christmas candle manufacturers in the world. History started with the day in Christmas 1969 when 17-year-old Mike Kitredzh melted in a garage a few wax crayons to make a gift to his parents. The product turned out to be so successful that almost immediately began the first orders.


In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded in a garage future corporation Microsoft. It was here that they have licensed its first operating system to IBM for $80 000. Later they came up with Windows, which still dominates the personal computer market.


In 1955, Anthony Maglika bought for $125 his first machine. On this basis, he created a small workshop, which a few years later began to produce the famous lanterns. Maglite is now worldwide popular brand, and their products are even included in the standard equipment of police in America.


In 1945 married Ruth and Elliot Handler decided to start their own business. In his garage, they produced picture frames and trim used materials to create houses and furniture for dolls.


Linksys was founded in 1988 by immigrants from Taiwan - couple Jenny and Victor Cao. Like many of the time, Linksys started in a garage converted to workshop. Today Linksys is a well-known brand of networking products for home and small offices.


1923, Walt and Roy Disney moved to his uncle Robert. In his garage brothers created The First Disney Studio, which became the prototype of today's biggest film studio in the world.


In the summer of 1998, two Stanford students - Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working as an implementation of the educational project. Creating the future of the search giant took place in the garage of Susan Wojcicki, and there easily fit all three employees of Google Inc.


1939, HP, one of the world's largest technology companies, was founded in a garage with an investment of $538. Into this garage Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard did audio oscillators, which were later sold to Walt Disney, one of the first customers of the future giant.

Lotus Cars

In 1984, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman began building his first race car in the garage of his parents. Today Lotus is one of the leading British manufacturer of sport and racing cars.


Nike (from 1964 to 1978 - Blue Ribbon Sport) was founded by student-runner and his coach. Their business idea was simple and straightforward: each investing $ 00, they purchased 300 pairs of sneakers from Asian manufacturers and sold them under its own brand. In this initial stage, the company could not afford to even rent a garage and sales was out of the trunk of car.

Patagonia Clothing

In 1953, at age 14, Yvon Chouinard became interested in mountaineering. At age 18 he bought the necessary equipment, which set in the garage of his parents. The company began to produce and sell special hooks for $1,50 each. By 2012, Patagonia Clothing had a turnover of $500 million, becoming one of the most recognized names in the production of clothing for outdoor activities.
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