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Animals With The Most Bizarre Features Of The Body

August 6, 2014, in Animals
If you look at the street, you can see a squirrel running down a tree, a snake crawling across the lawn, or a bee hive near your home. However, in the world the ...

Deceptive Advertising Of Fast Food: Pictures Vs. Reality

August 6, 2014, in Food
In the modern world has become too much junk food, which is advertised on every street corner. Tempted on advertising, you go into another 'office' of popular c ...

Epic Drift From Bmw

August 6, 2014, in Cars
Is it possible to make a car dance at roundabout? Almost two minutes of pure drive and smell of smoking tires. ...

Apple New Iphone 6 Will Be With Sapphire Glass

August 1, 2014, in Tech
iPhone 6 new screen is resistant to almost all types of damage, said Marques Brownlee, YouTube user, posted a video of display test on its channel. According to ...

Cool Tools For Relax And Play In Your Back Yard

August 1, 2014, in Funny
These tools can be placed easily in the yard of a country house or villa. Delighted to be not only for children but also for adults. ...

In Siberia, Hail Fell In The 40-Degree Heat

August 1, 2014, in WTF
This year the weather has prepared a lot of surprises for residents of Siberia. Temperature plummeted 20 degrees with an 41 to 21. From the sky rained hard ice ...

Many Ways To The Creative Use Of Plastic Bottles

July 29, 2014, in Art / Creativity
If you know how to turn trash into something useful - it's a talent. First, you solve your problem, and secondly, protect the environment. Let's see some ideas ...

You Have Not Seen Hummingbirds So Close

July 29, 2014, in Animals
Miniature things, it's always fun, especially when they are functional. Hummingbirds are long known for its small size, comparable to the size of a butterfly. T ...

Hysterical Joy Of A Dog, With A Mistress, Whom She Had Not Seen 2 Years

July 29, 2014, in Animals
Dogs are most loyal animals who can wait for their masters for ages. Rebecca Svetina now lives in Slovenia and is unable to haunt his home in Pittsburgh, USA. B ...

Belgian Fan Has Become World Famous And Got A Model Contract

July 28, 2014, in Girls
17 year old girl from Belgium named Axelle Despiegelaere during the championship hit the lens of photographer. Online photos noticed her 'beautiful football gir ...

Cambodian Minesweeper Shows How To Defuse A Landmine

July 28, 2014, in Guns and Weapons
Master class Cambodian minesweeper show us how to clear anti-personnel mines (such mines in the forests more than fungi). Minesweeper disarm it in less than thr ...

Elephants In Free Flight, Giraffe Diver And Many Other At Funny Tv Spot

July 28, 2014, in Funny
After such spots you wanna turn your TV on :) ...
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