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Really Cool Designed Items For January 2015

January 30, 2015, in Art / Creativity
Among the hundreds of thousands of items that appear every day on design websites, not so much those who deserve special attention.
We have selected for y ...

The Best Anti-Racist Video Ever. Everyone Should See This.

January 20, 2015, in Interesting
'Tzafar' is a short film directed by Greek filmmaker Nancy Spetsioti, tells about the daily acts of racism that happen so often, they’re considered normal. It’s ...

Delicate Illustration Made Of Paper

January 19, 2015, in Awesome
New York artist Maude White recently returned to the public with their new illustrations made from carefully cut paper. Some will be hard to believe it, but all ...

10 Absolutely Harmless Animals That People Are Afraid To Death

January 19, 2015, in Animals
People tend to fear what they do not know. We bring you the 10 totally harmless animals as people are afraid of. ...

The Finalists Of "Miss Universe 2015"

January 19, 2015, in Girls
The grand finale of 'Miss Universe 2015' will be held on January 25 in Florida. For victory will fight 88 beauties and we introducing to you some spectacular ph ...

Creative Hats For Cold Winter

January 15, 2015, in Art / Creativity
Winter is not a reason to dress up into something monotonous and gray. For example, you can wake up a creative person inside you and create an original cap. In ...

Winter Beauty - Snowflakes Close Up

January 15, 2015, in Awesome
These icy beauty had always thought the imagination of people who were struck by their amazing geometry. ...

The Largest Metros In The World

January 15, 2015, in Interesting
We present to you a list of the largest metro systems in the world. There are more than 165 transport systems, which may called the Metro. Their size can be mea ...

Best New Year Fireworks From Around The World

January 5, 2015, in World and Nature
Fireworks - perhaps one of the best ways to mark a significant event, especially New Year. What is the best city in your opinion? ...

Victoria Secret Revealed Fantasy Bra For $2 Million

November 11, 2014, in Girls
Author of expensive underwear is a jeweler Pascal Mouawad, a representative of family jewelry house Muawad, existing since 1890. ...

10 The Most Popular Winter Festivals

October 27, 2014, in Awesome
Contrary to popular belief, in winter there is a lot of interesting events. Every year in the world are arranged a large number of winter festivals, and here we ...

Singer Clip Collects Far Less Views Than The Video Where The Dog Pulls Off Her Bikini

October 27, 2014, in Fail
Most likely you will never would have heard about Californian singer Kendra Moriah, if not the funniest movie of her struggle with the puppy, who is trying to p ...
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