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Products That Have Been Invented Because Of The War

May 16, 2014, in Food
It is surprising, but all the products referred to in this article were born as a result of military operations.

1. Marzipan

First , this mixture of ground almonds and icing sugar mentioned in the book of fairy tales 'Thousand and One Nights'. However, the name and fame of marzipan found in Europe thanks to the Turks.

Several cities , including Palermo and Toledo, competed for the right to claim that their once famously patted the Turkish army , which is why cook traditional ritual feast of Easter and other holidays was not anything else.

Luckily there was one craftsman (or more) that the Turks wormed the secret of making 'wondrous charms'. Thus was born 'Marci Panis'.

2. Mayonnaise

Military operation in 1756 on one of the Balearic Islands - Menorca - the British were defeated at the head of the French army under the command of Marshal Louis François Armand du Plessis de Richelieu. It is clear that such a brave military loved tasty and filling meal. However, to deliver food supplies from the mainland by sea was very problematic. Richelieu for all his love of French cuisine had to ferret out recipes from local chefs. In addition to numerous local dishes Richelieu recorded and soon brought to France by the secret of making 'maonskogo sauce' made ​​from olive oil and eggs and named regarding the local town of Mayon.

Thus, according to one version, appeared mayonnaise.

3. Kissel

According to the 'Tale of Bygone Years' one elder, banned starving people to surrender to the enemy, and commanded them to dig two wells. The first well he ordered to put mash 'than to cook jelly' and the second - honey.

When the city was invited Pechenegs they saw that precipitated eat right out of wells.

4. Canned pickled herring

This Swedish delicacy was invented during the war. In the 16th century during the reign of the Swedish king Gustav Vasa salt was worth its weight in gold. In this regard, the Swedes began to pickle herring with less salt that disrupts the normal process of conservation.
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