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Result Of Cooperation Mercedes-Benz And Tesla Motors

May 16, 2014, in Cars
Given current trends, after twenty years, electric vehicles on the market will not be less than cars with conventional engines. Therefore it is not surprising that many of the major manufacturers include electricity cars in their lines.
Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive only superficially resembles the production model. The main parts of the vehicle designed by Tesla Motors. Electric car has a lithium-ion battery with capacity of 28 kW, which allows you to drive on a single charge up to 150 kilometers.
Full charge cycle takes two hours, the battery and the motor life is about 150 000 miles without service. Compared with gasoline and diesel counterparts is not much, but marketers of Mercedes Benz hopes that electric will buy mainly as a second car for trips around town.
In a series production, electric Mercedes will be launch this summer. Preliminary cost will be about $70 000.
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