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Ten Luxury Chess Sets Who Only Rich People Can Afford

May 7, 2014, in Interesting
Chess - ancient game that appeared in India in the sixth century and circulated later in Persia, the Muslim world and Europe. One of the reasons for such a great love for the game is the ability to at least temporarily get in the era of castles, royal luxury, queens and knights. A unique beautiful suites of expensive materials only reinforce the desire to pick up a chess piece.

10. Medieval Venetian chess set: $30 545

Pianki firm specializes in luxury gifts, among which there is the Venetian medieval chess set. It consists of a 17 centimeter figures made ​​of bronze and coated with 24 carat gold and silver. Set visualizes medieval battle between knights and aristocrats. There are soldiers with shields, spears and swords, watchtower for defense. Each figure is detailed, three dimensional, just for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of medieval culture. Board is made ​​of bronze coated with 24 carat gold and silver.

9. Collectible chess set Renault F1: $42 000

Set is made ​​of the same materials as car 'Reno' from Formula 1: titanium, steel, and aluminum. Figurines made ​​in the form of sleeves, hangers, pilot's seat and the board creates the illusion of the road. Clean minimalist lines of Renault Formula 1 set symbolize simplicity and austerity of modernity.

8. Chess Set Silver Jubilee: $77 880

In 1970 Geoffrey Parker, a manufacturer of luxury goods, including games, created a wonderful chess set of gold and silver in honor Queen Elizabeth.

7. Chess set Carolingian & Moors: $96 075

Pianki firm offers yet another amazing chess set in a series of Carolingian and Moors. Its author Piero Benzoni created figurines with height of almost 30 centimeter of bronze coated 24 carat gold and silver. This set is visualization of the battle between the medieval Europeans Carolingian and Arab Moors.

6. Chess set Carolingians XIV: $113 580

The most famous chess set from Piero Benzoni - Carolingians XIV, which visualizes the warring Ottoman Turks and the Frankish Carolingian. Figures has height of 17 centimeters made ​​of gold silver. They are made extremely skillfully, so you can look at the smallest details. Horse soldiers, equipped with shields and weapons, kings and queens, guard towers for defense. The set board is made of silver and gold. Limited number of tables are made of onyx.

5. Crystal chess set Baccarat: $287 684

Before the celebration of 250 anniversary of the company Baccarat, they ordered a limited edition chess sets of crystal. Figurines made ​​of white and dark blue crystal. Board is made ​​of durable glass, reflecting light and enhancing shine the entire set.

4. Royal diamond chess set: $600 000

Charles Hollander company specializes in unusual diamond sets for chess, the most famous of which is the Royal collection, produced in 2004. For its production took thirty craftsmen and 4500 hours. All figures are made of white gold, adorned with white or black diamonds (total 9900 + stones weighing 189.09 carats). Board made ​​of white gold, squares lined with white and black diamonds.

3. Chess J. Grahl: $700 000

J. Grahl created this chess set for the Cole family in 1972. Total weight of this 14 carat gold and silver chess is about 400 grams. All the characters are dressed as medieval Europeans - fully armed armored knights, archers, bishops, kings and queens.

2. Chess set 'The Art of War': $750 000

Chess set from Victor Scharstein - real oriental masterpiece. Board is made ​​of black wood with gold and rhodium. Golden chess pieces adorned with precious stones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

1. Chess set from Jewel Royale: $9 800 000

The most expensive chess set in the world was sold in Britain by Jewel Royale. He made ​​of gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, black and white pearls. The biggest chess piece - the king - is worth 100 thousand dollars and his weigh is 165.2 grams.
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