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Ten Most Amazing Medical Records

August 6, 2014, in Interesting
Amazing stories happen not only in the medical series. Here are a dozen of the most fantastic documented medical records.
Highest temperature was recorded in 1980 with Willie Jones of Atlanta (USA). Cause of hospitalization was heat stroke. The body temperature was 46,5°C. Will Jones was discharged from the hospital after 24 days.
Lowest body temperature in the world -14,2°C was recorded February 23, 1994 at the 2-year-old Canadian girl Carly Kozolofski who spent six hours on a cold at a temperature -22°C. The child was saved.
Oldest person subjected to surgery was James Henry Brett Jr of Houston (USA). He was 111 years and 105 days old when he underwent a successful operation on his hip.
Largest number of tablets took K. Kilner from Zimbabwe. In the 21 years of treatment from 9 June 1967 to 19 June 1988, he took 565 939 pills.
Most injections took Samuel Davidson from the UK - 78 900 insulin injections.
Record amount of blood needed during surgery : 50-year-old Warren Dzhirichu from Chicago. In December 1970, during heart surgery, he received 2400 donor units (1080 liters) of blood.
From 1954 to 1994 Charles Jensen of the United States was 970 operations to remove tumors.
In the ten years from 1979 to 1989, eight out of ten large joints of Norma Uikvayr (USA), who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, has been replaced by artificial ones.
Longest cardiac arrest experienced the fisherman Ian Revsdal from Norway after he fell overboard near Bergen. Due to hypothermia his heart stopped beating for four hours.
As a result of the disaster at the 'Formula 1' race, David Purley in July 1977 received 29 fractures and 3 dislocation, and his heart stopped six times in the hospital. Recovered, he continued to race. David Purley died July 2, 1985, when his plane crashed in the sea off Bognor Regis.
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