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The Largest Metros In The World

January 15, 2015, in Interesting
We present to you a list of the largest metro systems in the world. There are more than 165 transport systems, which may called the Metro. Their size can be measured by many factors - the number of passengers, a length of the rails or the number of stations. Here we list the largest metros in the world by the number of stations.

New York City Subway - 421 station

Famous New York City subway have the largest number stations in the world. Opened in 1904, it is also one of the oldest (8th of age, to be exact) underground transport. The total length of all the branches is 373 kilometers, and annual passenger traffic reaches 1.7 billion people.

Paris Metro - 303 station

Parisian metro was opened in the year 1900. This 5th age subway system have 303 stations and 214 km rail road. Paris metro has more than 1.5 billion passengers a year, as it is the fastest and reliable transportation in the French capital.

Metro Madrid - 300 stations

With almost the same number of stations like in Paris, and a total length of 293 kilometers, the Madrid Metro was first opened in 1919. It is used 'only' 500 million riders each year - the lowest number of passengers on this list.

Subway in Seoul - 296 stations

Seoul Subway is open much later than the previous - in 1974. It has a total length of 327 kilometers and has the second largest number of passengers - more than 2.5 billion every year !

London Underground - 270 stations

Famous London Underground was first opened in 1863 as the 'Underground Railroad'. The first electric line was launched in 1890. This is very first subway system in the world and the third longest, with 402 kilometers and more than 1.2 billion users each year. This is one of the largest metro in the world.

Shanghai Metro - 263 station

Shanghai Subway take 6th place on the list of the biggest subway, but it's just judging by the number of stations. Judging by the length, it is the longest metro in the world, with 538 kilometers! One of the youngest subways opened in 1993 and it is also one of the busiest systems in the world, with more than 2.5 billion passengers a year.

Beijing subway - 232 station

Beijing is the busiest metro system in the world, with more than 3.2 billion passengers every year! China boasts one of the most efficient subway systems in the world, which is used by a huge number of passengers.

Mexico City subway - 195 stations

Mexico City Metro has 195 stations spread over 226.5 km and serving 1.6 billion passengers annually.

Moscow Metro - 194 station

Moscow subway system opened in 1934m with total length of 325.4 kilometers. Its services are used by almost 2.5 billion people every year.

Tokyo Metro - 179 stations

179 Tokyo metro stations are stretched on total length of 195.1 km. Tokyo metro has 2.3 billion people annually.
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