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The Most Interesting And Outstanding Advertisings For 2014

February 4, 2015, in Awesome
We selected and introduces you to the most interesting and outstanding examples of the world of advertising. Here 10 videos that made us greatest impression. As you can see, they are all emotional, catchy and touching stories. Enjoy.

1. The most beautiful woman

Schwarzkopf took very touching ad-recognition, dedicating it to all women in the world.

2. Interview: the most difficult job in the world

No weekends, holidays and wages.

3. Kindness will save the world

Only in Thailand make such advertising.

4. One second per day of a girl's life

'Just because it does not happen to you, does not mean that this does not happen'.

5. Love - hold it

I wonder how many couples seeing this ad, change their minds.

6. A touching story of a little penguin and his friend

7. My beautiful woman

8. Perfect Dad

Family - it's the best there in each of us. Our house should be the same. Soul turned advertising.

9. The world's best advertise about ...

I never thought I'd say this, but it's a fact.

10. 20 First Dates

Artist and director Tatya Piliev asked 20 people who had never seen each other and kissed.
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