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The Richest Football Players At Brazil 2014 World Cup

July 7, 2014, in Sport
It is a well known fact that professional athletes have huge salaries and enjoy all the pleasures of luxury living. Now runs the World Cup, and you will certainly be interesting to see the accounts of the richest players participating in it.

Cristiano Ronaldo ($250 million)

Topping the list - football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid pays him $52 million per year, and to which it adds about $30 million annually from the various campaigns. Currently, it is the second highest paid athlete in the world, and the first position is occupied from American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Ronaldo gets $8 million a year on only one contract from Nike.

Lionel Messi ($180 million)

Messi enjoys all the pleasures of life, as the second richest footballer in the world and the fourth richest athlete. His annual income reaches $65 million, of which $45 million is his salary in Barcelona. Giants such as Samsung, Adidas, Gillette and Gatorade guarantee additional annual cash in the amount of approximately $20 million.

Wayne Rooney ($125 million)

Manchester United promised Rooney an annual salary of $26 million over the next four years. But this is not the limit for talented football player, as he can always rely on additional 5-10 million, which come under contracts with giants like Samsung and Nike.

Philipp Lahm ($90 million)

Every year, the German football club Bayern Munich pays Philipp Hammel $14 million. Really good motivation for any player to help his national team to win the World Cup in 2014.

Didier Drogba ($90 million)

Turkish football club Galatasaray generously pays $15 million a year to Drogba. This is a huge step forward after his previous proposal with the Shanghai club, who offered him just $300 000. His wealth is also supported by many promotions, which range from 5 to 10 million each year.

Andres Iniesta ($90 million)

Andres Iniesta played with Messi for Barcelona. Even though his annual salary of $13 million is significantly less than the famous teammate, Iniesta is clearly not a curse.

Arjen Robben ($80 million)

Besides the fact that Robben played in the World Cup squad in the Netherlands, he receives an annual salary of $7.5 million from Bayern Munich. An additional advantage is many advertising contracts. Robben is one of the richest players involved in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Samuel Eto'o ($75 million)

His one-year contract with Chelsea guarantees a good income in the amount of $7 milion. Additional $4 million a year on advertising, but he had previously been earning much more when he played for Inter Milan and Anzhi, who paid him $10 million and $13 million, respectively. In fact, different sources give different amounts of wages, but regardless of the amounts - Sumuel is one of the richest players in the world.

Yaya Toure ($70 million)

Toure has an annual salary of $19 million from Manchester City. Puma adds a decent amount on advertising contracts and additional earnings up to about $3 million per year.

Radamel Falcao ($70 million)

Milan pays Radamel Falcao $32 million each year. With such a good income, Falcao is 15th richest athlete in the world. Various contracts provide him an additional $3 million per year.

Dani Alves ($60 million)

Another Messi teammate is Dani Alves, who earns $10 million each year in Barcelona.

Sami Khedira ($60 million)

In the list of the richest footballers got as Sami Khedira, who plays for the German national team. His salary at Real Madrid is $10 million per year.

Frank Lampard ($60 million)

Chelsea had paid him $8 million a year, and soon it can join the ranks of LA Galaxy, where he also received a decent lift.

Eden Hazard ($45 million)

Despite his young age, 23-year-old Eden Hazard from Chelsea earns $8 million annually. He plays for the Belgium national team at the World Championship, and earns an additional $5 million each year on advertising contracts.
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