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Today's Children Do Not Know Half Of These Things

October 14, 2014, in Funny
Time runs forward changing everything around, and today's youth generally do not understand how we could live like this. Over the last decade the development of technology has stepped forward so far, what are the things that could take up an entire room in the house, now placed in the mobile phone. The youth of today do not know half of these things, but we will remember them forever.

Cassette players capable of recording

When you sit all day listening to the radio, waiting for your favorite song to record it

Film camera

Thanks to the film cameras, you must master your photography skills, because until you show the film, you do not know good or bad the picture was

Lyrics to the covers of the CDs

When the names of the songs learned by reading them on the covers of magazines and CDs, and the lyrics of the booklets, nested inside.

Pencil + audio cassette

If you show your child today audio cassette and pencil, he will never guess what they can do, but we once wound kilometers rewinding the tape to the beginning


Why do we need an encyclopedia when there Google

Purging Cartridges

Blowing and wiping the NES, as if they were from this work better

Telephone directories

But even for them it was possible to find out the address

Legendary VCRs

'After watching the tape rewind to the beginning'

Floppy disk drive

By the way, even today, you will not see in any computer drive A, all starts with C, because this letter is still occupied by FDD disk drives.

Music on MTV

When at MTV still was possible to listen music

Drum phones

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