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Top Ten Most Smoking Countries

June 17, 2014, in Interesting
Who most likes to smoke? In our rating we give information on the number of cigarettes smoked per capita. Only adults are included into this list.

10. Montenegro, 2157 cigarettes per year

In Montenegro, there are strict rules that prohibit smoking in public places. But only indoors. So that smokers do not feel infringement of their rights.

9. Belarus, 2266 cigarettes per year

In Belarus, the authorities have set strict supervision over the market of tobacco products. They limited production of cigarettes, which in 2013 could not exceed 33 billion pieces. Well, this amount is sufficient that the country has taken one of the top positions in the world ranking smoking nations.

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2278 cigarettes per year

It is believed that the Balkans is one of the most smokers of the world. Like Montenegrins residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not smoke less, after the authorities introduced new regulations banning smoking in public places. Does not really matter who you are - Bosniak, Serb or Croat. Be prepared for the fact that there are smoking everywhere, even the doctor while taking patients.

7. Slovenia, 2369 cigarettes per year

In Slovenia, you can not smoke in any public places, including at work. As in most countries, cigarettes are not sold to citizen under 18 years. Official statistics says that smoking in recent years become a little less, but the result of 2369 cigarettes per year for each adult - is still impressive.

6. Ukraine, 2401 cigarettes per year

First, the Ukrainian authorities have banned smoking in educational institutions and hospitals, and then expanded the ban, and now the law is similar to what we see in most European countries: in restaurants and cafes in the buildings of state agencies and other public places you can not smoke. So they trying to limit the appetite of smokers.

5. Moldova, 2479 cigarettes per year

Moldova has very strict laws on the use of tobacco products. No smoking not only in enclosed public places, but also outdoors, if they belong to an educational or medical institutions. You can not smoke in public transport. All this helps to contain the spread of tobacco products, but the situation has not fundamentally changed.

4. Russia, 2786 cigarettes per year

Russia has long remained one of the few countries where smoking was allowed virtually everywhere. Recall that Soviet authorities preferred to outright bans the promotion of healthy lifestyles. In 2013 it was decided to ban smoking in certain types of public places, then came the warning labels and images on cigarette packs. Now you can not smoke in restaurants and cafes.

3. Greece, 2795 cigarettes per year

There have been several attempts to introduce anti-smoking laws, but in vain. Even the latest version of the ban on smoking in public places scared nobody. According to international regulators, regulations simply are not enforced, and violations almost nobody watches. The result - one of the first places in our rankings.

2. Bulgaria, 2822 cigarettes per year

In 2010, the Bulgarian authorities have banned smoking in certain types of public places, except for bars, restaurants and clubs. But it was not enough to change the habits of the population. Now in any enclosed public places you can not smoke. Well, Bulgarians still smoked 2822 cigarettes in a year per man.

1. Serbia, 2869 cigarettes per year

Again, the Balkans, and the tradition of smoking again anytime and anywhere. In Serbia, there are very strict law that bans smoking in all enclosed public places and in public necessarily implies a division into smoking and no smoking zones. There are heavy penalties for breaking the rules, but Serbs still smoke and give first place to another country, it seems, are not going to.
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