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Unusual Ways To Use Wd-40

May 29, 2014, in Tips and tricks
Everyone knows that the WD-40 can be successfully used for lubricating locks and hinges, loosen the nuts become attached, rust removal, defrosting locks. But this possibility of a universal remedy is not limited. Below you will find ways to WD-40 can help you in many different situations.

1. Separation jammed glasses

What if a few glasses tightly wedged into each other? It is possible, of course, be applied force, but it can be slightly complicated in the case of thin glass jars. So just use WD-40 and wait until grease penetrates into the gap. Then pull free and easy glasses. Do not forget to wash the dishes.

2. Removing stuck ring

Our bodies have the ability to increase and decrease. If one day you find that your ring already does not want to get off of your finger, then you can use our magic bullet. A couple of drops for lubrication, and the ring slips easily without any noticeable effort and pain.

3. Killing cockroaches and repelling insects

If you have already tried all the ways in fight against household pests, then why not give a chance to WD-40? Simply spray on window sills and frames, vents and doorways. Be careful not to inhale substance. Be especially careful if you have small children at home.

4. Removing chewing gum from hair

This situation does not happen too often, but when happen is turning into a nightmare. Naturally, is necessary to protect the eyes and respiratory system. After some time, a foreign object can easily be combed with a comb.

5. Removing scratches and scuffs on the floor

Sooner or later numerous scratches and marks are formed at floor. You can try to remove them by using the WD-40. Apply a thin layer, wait a few minutes and then smooth out the places with a brush.

6. Removing tea stains

To remove tea stains from counter tops, put substance on a sponge or damp cloth and rub the stain vigorously until complete disappearance.

7. Cleaning toilets

On the shelves of stores are whole series of different means to fight for toilets. But the real winner is kept in home. Spray WD-40 liquid to surface, take a little brush and rinse. No lime and salt deposits.

8. Water repellent for shoes

Your snow shoes or boots can be waterproof, if you spray them with WD-40. It acts as a barrier to the ingress of water, so that your feet will always be dry. Just keep in mind that not every shoes can properly respond to this kind of treatment, so it's best to experiment on a small area.

9. Cleaning and restoration of license plates

Plates quickly begin to rust and lose its original appearance. Restore them with this wonderful spray. After this treatment, the license plates will be permanently protected from rust.

10. Preventing freezing windows

You can not influence the weather and cancel the winter cold. But you can apply WD-40 on the outer surface of the glass, and then your windows will always be clean and will not freeze.

11. Get rid of wasps nests

Wasps often build their nests under the eaves of the roof of your house. So it's best to try to spray WD-40 on all such nooks.

12. Removal of dog excrement

There are many unpleasant things in life, but clearing the grooved sole shoe or boot from the consequences of a bad step - it's priceless. Sprinkle WD-40, let it sit for a few minutes alone, and then simply rinse under running water.
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