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What Can You Buy For A Dollar

February 24, 2014, in Funny
Have you ever wondered what you can buy for a dollar? It turns out that you can buy a lot of different things in the world. Here's what you can buy for one dollar in different countries.
Cambodia: two glasses of beer in Happy Hour, fried frog with ginger, cotton scarf Krama (traditional headdress) , three crispy fried spiders, 20 minutes 'fish pedicure', 4 liters of drinking water, two box of "Coca - Cola" or wash one kilogram washing.

Vienna, Austria: muffin Kornspitz

Philippines: half hour foot massage, serving fried fish, hairstyle for men with short hair, 28 cigarettes "Marlboro", coffee, 3 batteries AA, two hours Internet access, 4 Donuts, 2 km with taxi, four liters of drinking water.

Spain: for a dollar you can get a cup of coffee, but not at the most popular resorts or in the capital.

Vietnam: bike rental for 1 day, 2 cups of coffee and 15 minutes of prepaid calls, Vietnamese soup, 250g candied ginger, 40 quail eggs, a traditional Vietnamese hat (cone), one or two newspapers, a DVD, 7 liters of water, 2 tickets to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, two cold beers, 1.25 liters of gasoline.

UK: half a liter of gasoline, two or three apples, newspaper.

Croatia: cream.

Denmark: one liter of milk.

Hungary: ice cream, 4 small apples, a hamburger, a newspaper or a half-hour parking place.

Turkey: bus ticket, a cup of tea, two or three newspapers, one kilogram of oranges or apples, a pound of bananas, two bottles of water (0.5 liters), two loaves of bread.

Italy: a bottle of cheap wine, 1 kg spaghetti, six bottles of mineral water and one tablet of ibuprofen to help relieve headaches from cheap bottle of wine.

Colombia: cup of coffee.

South Korea: for $ 1 you can ride the bus or subway.

Thailand: one gallon of clean drinking water (4L), 1.5 carbonated mineral water, one hour conversation on a cell phone (if you call a local number , of course), three portions of ice cream at Dairy Queen, plate of Thai green curry with rice, one liter of gasoline, two liters "Coca - Cola".

Egypt plate of food, including rice, pasta, fried onions, lentils.

Costa Rica: papaya, pineapple and watermelon.

Portugal: an espresso.

Laos: cold beer Lao, a sandwich with bacon and cheese, 4 rolls of toilet paper, 2 cups brewed coffee, 16 medium bananas, one hour internet access and 3 liters of drinking water, two croissants.

Australia: a lottery ticket.

Jordan: two coffees.

USA: leave your car in the parking lot for an hour.

Nicaragua: beer.

Argentina: ticket for bus or metro, muffin.

Belize: fried bananas on the street.

Indonesia: you can get a full lunch with fried chicken, rice, vegetables, mineral water and fruit.
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