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What Happens In The World For One Minute?

March 18, 2014, in Interesting
One minute - this is a very short period of time, which is hardly enough to do anything significant. Here are some interesting facts about what is happening in the world in one minute.

Facts about the human

258 babies are born worldwide

72 heart beats per minute occurs

113 children are born in poverty

15 children born with birth defects

107 people died, two of them in a car crash

300 million cells in our body dies

10 million cigarettes are smoked

7 people die from smoking

Bill Gates earns $15 000 - the richest man on the planet

116 people getting married

144 people are moving into a new home

83 300 people have sex

9 new HIV / AIDS cases recorded

34 people are diagnosed with cancer

Facts in the world

360 times lightning strikes

5 earthquakes occur worldwide

2 468 177 kilograms of garbage generated

6 206 232 kilograms of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels

58 aircraft fly around the world

Internet stats

2 million Google searches

72 hours of video published on YouTube

571 new site comes online

204 000 000 e-mail messages sent

278 000 tweets published on Twitter

1.4 million minutes in conversations held with family and friends on Skype

243 000 photos published on the social network Facebook
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