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Why Be Rich Is Not As Great As It Seems

July 9, 2014, in Interesting
The media in all ways painted dignity luxuries, mansions and coolest cars, but as it turns out, wealth has a dark side.
In a recent publication on the site Quora (social service knowledge exchange, founded in June 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, where questions are answered by professionals) users shared unexpected outs, which they find to be rich.

Here are some of the most compelling ideas about why the rich can not be as wonderful as you can imagine:

1. You had to sacrifice

During the years of hard work in order to earn as much as possible, you may have abandoned an important relationship, lost future opportunities, missed experience, or changed your true desires and dreams.

2. Others thinks you are greedy, ruthless and obsessed with your work

If you buy good things, people will perceive you as a materialist. In addition, your success have other side of course, the reason for someone else's envy and resentment.

3. Being rich, you can be cut off from society

Fear or confidence of that you somehow better than others, become more and more difficult to make contact with most other people. Few can sympathize with you, and from it you can feel the definite feeling of isolation.

4. Friends and family can start to treat you differently

Since many believe that to be rich - that is the key to happiness, they are unlikely to be tolerant enough to understand you when you share your problems or frustrations.

5. Money makes you lose your sense of reality

Ask yourself: 'Those money belongs to me, or I belong to them?' Your finances can suddenly gain control over your life, cause frequent family quarrels or the constant fear of losing them.

6. Your money becomes a means to attract attention

You begin to depend on the status of such acquisitions as expensive cars or houses, just to show people how rich you are. But if you try to attract people with something like posh parties, then very soon be left alone with low self-esteem.

7. Your kids will not know the value of money

They may feel they do not need to worry about work or income, once they have grown in these greenhouses. Your children will simply not develop the qualities needed to succeed as you did it in his time.

8. People try to derive any benefit from communicating with you

You may be difficult to know whether someone is talking to you for your own sake or for the sake of your money. Especially if you are not married, it's hard to know if your interested in the other half of you or in your state.

9. Objects your desires become less attractive

Most of the fancy things are desirable because only you can not afford it, or you need to work hard to acquire it. But as soon as you become rich, they stop to attract you any more.

10. You start paying attention to those who are richer

There is always someone whose wallet fatter you, and never have the feeling that you have enough money. If you earn $20 million, you can meet a person who has 3 billion. When you're up so high, it becomes easier to compare themselves with others.

11. You do not already know what to do next

Most people use money as a motivation for further work. Once they reach this goal, comes confusion - what to do now?

12. You will learn that money can not change your way of thinking

Money can buy comfort, but comfort does not always lead to satisfaction. Unhappy people are still unhappy when they become millionaires.
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