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Photos Of People Caught Shooting Idiotic Selfie

March 20, 2015, in Funny
Selfie so firmly established in our lives that most people have literally does not know how to express themselves in something else. Since selfie is a constant ...

10 Signs That You Have A Coffee Dependence

March 19, 2015, in Funny
Few able to independently recognize that it has any problem. But if you always want a coffee, not having received the dose you become irritable, you should thin ...

How Do Contemporary Photographers Imagine Femininity

March 16, 2015, in Girls
Stock photos presented on popular sites have become a separate genre, where the authors works often rely on common stereotypes. Let's see how today they represe ...

School Lunches Of Residents Of Different Countries

March 16, 2015, in Food
Quality breakfast is a good start to the day. Let us together with you look at school lunches in different countries. ...

20 Objects From The Future Kitchen

February 16, 2015, in Tech
All sorts of gadgets and new devices are settle in our daily lives. Including the kitchen. Already, you can set the timer to your oven and she will cook dinner ...

25 Original Pillows For Lovers Of Unusual

February 16, 2015, in Awesome
Sleep is an essential part of our life, without which we simply can not exist. For many time spent in the soft bed with eyes closed is a favorite pastime. And s ...

15 Incredible Scientific Breakthroughs

February 11, 2015, in Interesting
The line between science fiction and science leveled more and more every day. We offer you a review of recent scientific and medical advances that a few years a ...

Tourist Guide: How Properly To Take Pictures With Monuments

February 11, 2015, in Tips and tricks
We all love to be photographed with modern statues and monuments. Often this is the kind of evidence that we were in one way or another famous place.Turn on the ...

24 Inventions That Have To Be Everywhere

February 11, 2015, in Tech
All we are confronted with everyday problems, which no one has yet found a universal solution. We hope that these inventions appear everywhere in the near futur ...

Seven Healthy Breakfast

February 5, 2015, in Food
How you begin the day often sets the tone for the rest of the day. Start your day with a proper meal and your body will focus on the success and nothing will di ...

The Most Interesting And Outstanding Advertisings For 2014

February 4, 2015, in Awesome
We selected and introduces you to the most interesting and outstanding examples of the world of advertising. Here 10 videos that made us greatest impression. As ...

Ten Reasons To Eat Oatmeal

February 4, 2015, in Food
We known this childhood dish - oatmeal - is not only nutritious and delicious food, but is the key to health and longevity. Read about the beneficial properties ...
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